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Dubai Tourist Visa / UAE Tourist Visa – Fast, Reliable and Cheap Prices

Anyone can apply for Tourist Visa to visit United Arab Emirates this is usually available mostly to all nationalities (except Israeli passport holders), and must be prearranged through a travel company, a hotel and possibly also through an airline. Hotels, travel agents, airlines and other companies will usually only arrange a Tourist Visa for a customer.

If you are planning to visit United Arab Emirates or you are a UAE resident that wants to invite your family and friends and explore together the beauty of the Emirates. We are here to process Tourist Visa, we are one of the top Travel Agent base in Dubai, UAE with our competitive rates and minimum requirements. We offer hassle free, fast and reliable services.

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The visa application process starts immediately on the first working day after submission of complete requirements.

Citizens of one of the Free Visa on Arrival countries can obtain a UAE Visit Visa on arrival at any border entry point to the UAE simply by presenting their passport at passport control. GCC citizens do not require a visa to enter Dubai, GCC residents who are not GCC nationals but having a high professional status such as…

Citizens of other countries like Nepal, Yemen and those from African continent cannot apply for a Tourist Visa. They are only allowed to apply for a 14 days Transit Visa.

About Dubai

Dubai is the second largest of the seven emirates of UAE. The emirate is both a dynamic international business centre and a laid-back tourist escape; a city where the sophistication of the 21st century walks hand in hand with the simplicity of a bygone era. But these contrasts give Dubai its unique flavour and personality; a cosmopolitan society with an international lifestyle, yet with a culture deeply rooted in the Islamic traditions of Arabia.

United Arab Emirates or UAE is federation of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. Each governed by a hereditary emir, who choose one of their members to be the president of the federation. It is a modern and dynamic country and to some, it is called an advanced and clean country.